Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Improve Your Writing Speed and Get Published with the Quick Start Guide

This is a great way to learn how to be an author and then move on to being a published author is just 20 quick and easy steps. You will learn how you can organize your book this is important because formatting and organizing a book will keep your readers interested and make it easier to publish.  Dramatically improve your writing speed so that you can increase your productivity and write more books. Also, find out how to get your book into publishers hand immediately after writing and editing your book. In order to publish 4 or 5 quality books a year you need to know the how to's in getting published and writing faster.  Discover the secret exercise that will dramatically improve their writing speed! This Quick Start Guide contains tips to quickly and easily organize their book and get it into publishers' hands immediately! Download No Spam.... You will receive the eBook for free after getting the link in your email to view the guide online at NO Charge!

Learn more about these steps by downloading this 20-Step Author Quick Stark Guide Here.

300x300 Author Quick Start Guide in 20 Steps

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Publish a Bookstore Quality Children's Book and Sell Your Book

Creating Children's Books

You can easily bring your pictures and illustrations to life by creating your own Children's Book and selling it in bookstores or online. To begin make sure to get your story told by writing your book and telling a story children will love to read.  Take them on an adventure, teach them a life story, or share an experience.  Next, be sure to illustrate your children's book with great drawings.  If you are more of a story teller and need assistance with the illustration portion of the book try hiring a children's book illustrator through FIVERR  where you can easily find someone creative and talented to help you with your book cover, inside illustrations or even a website once the book is available for sale.

If you are unfamiliar with self-publishing and want to create a great quality bookstore book I would highly recommended using the BLURB publishing tools. These tools are easy to use, by simply using the free book layout software you can drop illustrations onto blank pages and use any fonts you want.

To save money on printing books you can print 1 copy of your book or a thousand copies once you have it completed.  Because of the offset discounts provided by Blurb it makes it less expensive to and they provide deeper discounts and a lower cost per unit.

Blurb also offers you a great way to sell you books through their website or your own. Using social media to get your book noticed and helping you promote and sell you children's book on Amazon. Read about how other successful children's book others sell their books on Blurb and find out how they can help you with writing, illustrations, formatting your book, and so many other useful things that you would have to do on your own if publishing through Amazon or any other source.  It's nice to know that there is someone available to help answer your questions or walk you through the steps of becoming a successful children's author.  Learn More About getting Your Children's Book Published Here...

Once your book is published Blurb can continue to assist you with promoting, and other suggestions to get your book out in front of an audience.

Start creating your Blurb book today
Are you a writer in need of an illustrator? Or vice versa? Our Blurb-vetted professionals on the Dream Team can help with both, and more.  LEARN MORE

Create a travel photobook

  Blurb’s Facebook book-making tool

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Small and Simple Writing Desks for Writers and Students

Altra Parsons Writing Desk with Drawer
Altra Parsons Writing Desk with Drawer

When selecting a writing desk for your home office you need to think of the space you have available. If you writing using a laptop or tablet you may just need a small enough desk to hold your computer and a view accessories.  A small writing desk like the one above that is versatile and is ideal for writing, using your laptop, studying, or handcrafting. It is just the right size to put in any room of your home. The desk provides you with a large work surface, and no clutter underneath your desk area to keep your writing thoughts simple and your head ready for writing. You can place your writing desk in a bedroom, living room or even a kitchen space.  Where you decide to write be sure to get the writing desk that fits your needs.  Take a look at some of the suggested desks below.  All desks include free shipping in the USA.
View the Altra Parsons Writing Desk Available in many colors with Drawer here....
Alaterre Shaker Cottage Writing Desk
Alaterre Shaker Cottage Writing Desk View Additional color selections

Sauder Shoal Creek Writing Desk
Sauder Shoal Creek Writing Desk

Original Cottage Writing Desk Finish: Rainwater
Original Cottage Writing Desk Finish: Rainwater

Sauder Camarin Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray
Sauder Camarin Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

Altra Single Pedestal Computer Desk with 2 Box Drawers
Altra Single Pedestal Computer Desk with 2 Box Drawers

Trestle Writing Desk Finish: Cherry
Trestle Writing Desk Finish: Cherry

Lipper International Art Desk & Chair
Lipper International Art Desk and Chair

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Great Way to Make Some Extra Money!!!

Personal Electronic Cutting Machine - DIY Craft Cutter
Do you or your friends have a Craft website or blog that you think would enjoy promoting the Cricut brand?  Do others visit your site for inspiration, ideas and project suggestions? If you answered yes to either of these questions then YOU could earn the increased referral bonus of $20 for every site you refer to the Cricut affiliate program today through Tuesday, 8/18. (after this date it is $10 affiliate referrals: Invite your website-owning and blogging friends to join Cricut’s affiliate program and earn $10 for each friend who's approved)

Also,Increased commission rate available through August 31st, 17% base commission and 20% commission on orders of $100+, as added incentive to join now

That's it - there is no limit to the amount of sites you can refer - so recruit away!

Personal Electronic Cutting Machine - DIY Craft Cutter

Friday, August 14, 2015

Best Back to School Writing Tools Grammarly Free Grammar and Proofreader

The #1 Writing Tool What exactly is Grammarly and how can it help you when you go back to school this year? When going back to school you think of getting school supplies, new clothes, and learning where your classroom is. But once you get in your classroom you'll be asked to write that ever so familiar essay of what you did on your summer vacation.  That is where the Grammarly free writing APP comes in handy.   Whether your writing a paper online or using Microsoft Word Grammarly can help you overcome obstacles such as correcting your grammar, spelling, and checking for plagiarism. It will also check your Facebook, Tumblr, Gmail, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts for errors.

Don't hesitate to install the free Google Chrome Extension of Grammarly since it will not slow down your browser and plus you can uninstall it at anytime.

To install the extension is simple you click on the button

and add it to your Google Chrome
 Add Grammarly Extension to Google Chrome
or if you prefer just hit cancel and add a new account as follows...

Once installed, you can see a Green Grammarly icon at the lower right-hand corner of every editor box you use from now on.Grammarly Logo

Back-to-School Writing Basics for Students—and Everyone Else
The #1 Writing Tool

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Correct all grammar and punctuation errors instantly for free with Grammarly

 Free Grammar checker for students and writers
Are you a writer, a student or in business and need to keep up to date on your grammar, proofreading and spelling? Try out the world's most accurate grammar checker for free! Correct all grammar and punctuation errors instantly.

The Web site called Grammarly is an automated proofreader and grammar coach. It is able to correct up to 10 times more of the mistakes we make when typing than the average word processing program.
The #1 Writing ToolInstantly find mistakes in your writing and correct them using the online program. Improve your word choices and vocabulary when using the site and avoid plagiarism by comparing your text to over 8 billion other Web sites.
Better grammar leads to a better life with advancements in your career, and better over-all communications in business.
Use the Grammar website for business papers, college term papers, job applications, learning the English language, emails to friends, for authors and writers to proofread stories and articles that you have written, improve your writing skills and much more.
Studies have shown that a well-written paper is more likely to win over customers, human resources, and others. You can use Grammarly for business or personal use. How it works is you go to the site where you can paste your text, drag- and -drop text or upload it to the site for a preview of the editing powers that it can provide.

The #1 Writing Tool
If you prefer not to check your own work you can preview a sample to learn how it all works. Try out the free and quick proofreading tools at Grammarly and take a test drive to see how to improve your grammar and writing skills.
Here are some of the top reasons to try out the site….

Grammarly is the world's leading software suite for perfecting written English. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.

The #1 Writing Tool

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Learn How to Create a Monthly Household Budget and Save Money

  If you want to learn how to manage your household budget and to plan and save in real time this household budgeting program could be just the right fit. The strategy is to learn how to increase your income and plan for your future and the future of your family. 

From tracking your cash to calculating just how you are spending your money. Find out how to avoid financial ruin and learn the common pitfalls made in money management.  Both families and individuals can learn how to do this.  Get the FREE Household budgeting software and begin your journey on saving more and spending less. View the Free software and course on Household budgeting...

This Personal and Household Budgeting offers the opportunity to effectively manage your personal finances in the short term and also to plan for your future. The focus is on teaching individuals to both plan and save in real time. Read More

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