Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Create a Photo Book for Friends, Family, Weddings, Vacations Baby and More!

Lots of people enjoy scrapbooking and organizing their photos online and in books but one of the best ways to share your vacation photos, baby photos, wedding photos, holiday photos and give gifts to others is to have a book printed for them.  A printed book is easy to create online, inexpensive and eliminates the process of printing the photos and placing them in the book.  Plus a printed book takes up less space in your closet than a scrapbook or photo album would do. 
I have created beautiful picture books for friends and family including birthday picture books, family picture books and baby photos.  These books are wonderful items and the receiver are typically overjoyed to receive them as they never get the time to print photos and love having these memories in print. I believe this is one of the best, most creative gifts you can give someone who enjoys taking and sharing photos.
There are several places online that will print photos books for you.  I have listed a few that are some of the best quality, prices and most reliable.
Make a DIY Wedding Guest Photo Book
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Your wedding is a big deal. You put a lot into it. But when it’s over, the whole thing is a blur. Who was there? What did they do? That’s where the books come in. The photo guest book is a place to record who was there, and their best wishes for you. Blurb BookWright lets your design genius (or the design genius of your wedding photographer) run free. Get started now and get 25% off Print Books (up to $25 off your order)
You customize your photobook-page by page. Shutterfly Photo Books 300x250
Personalized photo books and special promotions at Mixbook - Easy to create
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