Saturday, January 10, 2015

Helpful Tax Apps and Mobile Tax Tools for Smart Phones and Tablets

Here are some helpful tools to use on your smart phone or tablet this year when filing taxes.  The Mobile Tax Tools from HR Block  a 1040EZ for your Smart Phone, a Free iPad App, An Emerald Card App and an App that will help you locate an HR Block office near you or to estimate your taxes.  
You can view and download all of the Apps here...

Get the refund you deserve and find a tax professional near your home with the HR Block Expert help location finder.

It’s a useful resource that helps you locate the nearest tax professional in your city. Just enter your address, pick a date and a time for an appointment, and find the professional to help you do your taxes.
H&R Block has over 11,000 locations in the United States and their tax professionals are required to pass over 84 hours of specialty training each year in order to have the skills to handle your specific tax situation.

Check out the Mobile App to locate and HR Block professional or receive tax advice through your phone or mobile device.
If you prefer leaving your taxes up to the professionals than follow this link to find one to file your taxes near you.
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HR Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2014 Win [Download]  
If you prefer to use the HR Block Software here are some helpful online links
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