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10 Handy Tips to Write a Better Book and Publish it on Amazon Kindle

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Amazon Kindle is one of the best resources for becoming a successful published author.  Writing a book may just be the easy part when it comes to getting others to ready your book.  Some of the best tools you can use when getting started and publishing your book through Amazon KDP and CreateSpace are listed below.  From checking your grammar to creating a book cover and marketing your book there are so many different things to think of before launching a book to the world.
Follow some of these FREE tips:

1.  How to Build Your Book for Kindle - One of the first things you need to do before writing your book is to make sure that you are formatting it correctly for Kindle and CreateSpace.  In order to format you book and get everything from the cover to the title in the correct order download the FREE book Building Your Book for Kindle. This book will walk you through the necessary steps to create a professional digital file for your book and upload it to Amazon. There are also several good books on formatting a book for CreateSpace and publishing a physical copy of your book.

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Proofread Your Texts2. Proofread and Check your Grammar - Spelling and grammar errors can hurt a book once it is published.  To avoid bad reviews and create the best book you can Use the FREE Grammar, Spelling and Plagiarism service Grammarly to proofread and weed out any errors.  If you use the Google Chrome APP it can assist you as  you write to suggest changes and corrections.  From checking your spelling and grammar to enhancing your vocabulary this is a must have for writers.

3.  Do Your Research -   If you are knowledgeable on the subject you are writing about that is one thing but checking your facts and researching your work is a good thing to do.  Websites such as Questia  will allow you to streamline your research with an extensive collection to use of journals, textbooks, and periodicals to use 24/7. Save 20% on any l subscription! Use coupon code QTACJ20

4.  Use Websites and Forums  - Ask questions in the Amazon KDP forum and read what others are saying to keep up on what's happening the writing world. Subscribe to other writer Facebook pages and follow authors Amazon to keep in the loop. Access sites such as Goodreads and other author sites to make sure you book is getting noticed.

5.  Create an Author Page on Amazon - Once your book has been published it is important to create an author page through Amazon Author Central.  This will allow you to write about yourself, post links to your blog or website and read any current reviews about your book.

6. Build a Website or Blog - One of the best ways to keep on top of things once you book has been published and stay in touch with readers it to have a website or blog that you write on daily or weekly to keep your readers updated.  Link the blog with your social media accounts so that when you post a new article your readers will be informed and go to your site. Also, post any deals, discounts, or contests about your books on the site.   Web Hosting by iPage - Affordable and E-Commerce Enabled

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7.  Download Free Kindle Books on Amazon - There are several free Kindle books on writing, publishing, formatting, promoting and other ideas for your books. These FREE books are great for when you get stuck or just want inspirations.  Check out several of the FREE Kindle books for writers to download on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or Kindle.

8.  Learn How to Create a Good Book Cover - If you are good at using software programs such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro you can easily create a great book cover for your book. A cover will draw in your audience and make them want to know more about your book.  Read how Amazon KDP can help you design your cover or check out website such as FiveRR to hire someone to create a cover for your book.   Have Blurb help format, create a cover and publish your book through Amazon. 

9.  Promote Your Book - Keep in touch with your readers by creating an author Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.  Write to readers on your website of Facebook page to let them know what is happening in your world and when your next book is being released.  Promote yourself to sell your book!

10.  Follow the Top 20 Rules for Writing - Stephen King one of the most successful authors of all time provides writer on what the best way to utilize your writing skills and make the most of your books. Read More.....

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