Friday, August 14, 2015

Best Back to School Writing Tools Grammarly Free Grammar and Proofreader

The #1 Writing Tool What exactly is Grammarly and how can it help you when you go back to school this year? When going back to school you think of getting school supplies, new clothes, and learning where your classroom is. But once you get in your classroom you'll be asked to write that ever so familiar essay of what you did on your summer vacation.  That is where the Grammarly free writing APP comes in handy.   Whether your writing a paper online or using Microsoft Word Grammarly can help you overcome obstacles such as correcting your grammar, spelling, and checking for plagiarism. It will also check your Facebook, Tumblr, Gmail, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts for errors.

Don't hesitate to install the free Google Chrome Extension of Grammarly since it will not slow down your browser and plus you can uninstall it at anytime.

To install the extension is simple you click on the button

and add it to your Google Chrome
 Add Grammarly Extension to Google Chrome
or if you prefer just hit cancel and add a new account as follows...

Once installed, you can see a Green Grammarly icon at the lower right-hand corner of every editor box you use from now on.Grammarly Logo

Back-to-School Writing Basics for Students—and Everyone Else
The #1 Writing Tool
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